These are challenging times and both marketers and consumers are transitioning into their "new normal". 

Join our webinar to learn how to connect with your audience effectively utilizing online events and complex email campaigns
Webinars & Email marketing combined
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Tim’s an experienced email marketing consultant and international speaker. Guiding email strategy for start-ups to brands with volumes of up to 90 million/month. Previously in a Marketing Director position growing digital marketing revenue by 310% to $5m. Using an analytical approach, he zooms in on where to focus - getting results.
In her role as Senior Product Marketing Manager at GetResponse, Abby is responsible for product positioning, messaging, and adoption. She works to develop a deep understanding of customer needs and deliver value-driven experiences along the product journey. Her goal is to articulate value through targeted, omnichannel campaigns that drive product adoption and advocacy.
Tim Watson
Email Marketing 
Consultant at Zettasphere
Abby Hehemann
Senior Product 
Marketing Manager
Learn how to:
  • Educate, train, collaborate and monetize knowledge
  • Achieve marketing synergy with online events, email marketing and Facebook Ads
  • Optimize conversions with data-based messages to various segments sent automatically
  • Utilize webinars to help inspire, train and support your agile teams working remotely
  • Manage marketing campaigns with less resources
Get proven and practical techniques that'll help you adapt to this new reality and make the most of the online marketing channels. 
Learn from the experts
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GetResponse MAX is an email marketing platform with over 20 years of experienceIt enables you to create sophisticated digital communications easily. You can automate complex and multi-touch marketing campaigns from one platform.

There’s a team of experienced Account Managers who work to help you take full advantage of what GetResponse MAX has to offer.

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