Ready to increase your ROI by converting visitors into loyal customers? Join our live ecommerce webinar to learn from GetResponse MAX experts how you can do just that through high-converting, behavior-triggered communications, marketing automation, transactional emails, and a complete site of refined online marketing. 
How you can boost 
your Ecommerce with
GetResponse MAX 
How you can boost your Ecommerce with
GetResponse MAX 
Save your spot today and save yourself tons of time while increasing your ROI! 

Even if you can’t make the live webinar, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording afterward. 
During the webinar 
you will learn how to: 
  • Increase revenue by converting visitors and maximizing repeat buyers 
  • Personalize communications and save time by automating messages and campaigns 
  • Connect with customers where they are through Website Push notifications + Social Ads 
  • Showcase your offers using the Landing Page Creator complete with professionally designed templates & a drag-and-drop editor 
  • Reach everyone with unmatched 99% deliverability 
  • Build your lists and expand your audience and client network 
  • Know and understand your clientele better through segmentation 
  • Embrace the full potential of email marketing, still the world’s most effective method 
  • Take advantage of a world of opportunities all in one powerful platform, with individual support from real live people 24/7 
Our ecommerce experts will clearly show you how to use tags, scoring, custom fields, and more to properly segment your audience and make sure you deliver the right messages to the right people. Personalizing your communications has never been easier! 

Build your lists, convert them into customers, and turn those customers into your loyal fanbase. 
Grow and know your audience – and your potential to earn  
Ready to unlock your full marketing potential and learn ecommerce insights, best practices, and actionable advice based on more than 20+ years of expertise and boosting businesses around the world? 

Register for the webinar today! 
Ecommerce insights 
We have been enabling businesses to evolve their digital marketing for over 20 years.   

GetResponse MAX is a fully managed marketing automation platform with cutting-edge deliverability, flexibility, and control – backed by people who are actually there for you. It enables you to automate complex and multi-touch marketing campaigns from one platform. 

Our team of dedicated Account Managers works with you to help you take full advantage of what GetResponse MAX has to offer.
GetResponse MAX
Meet your webinar hosts: 
Our team will make sure to answer all of your questions in a dedicated Q&A session
following the webinar presentation. Can't wait to see you there! 
Agata Naruszewicz
Senior Business Development 
Executive at GetResponse MAX
Hubert Olszowski
Sales Engineering Manager 
at GetResponse MAX
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